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Steel Roller Shutters

Shutters are constructed from a well proven design of interlocking galvanised steel Lath with overlapping end shoes for a smooth operation,. Also incorporating a heavy duty bottom rail with a comprehensive range of locking devices. Both our electrically operated and manual roller shutters come in solid, perforated and brickbond punched and are coloured to your specifications.

Aluminium Roller Shutters & Garage Doors

Fully insulated and comfortably secure, the Seceuroglide garage door range combines manual operation or full remote control with exceptional quality, affordability and are designed to maximise usable space within the garage. Insurance rated versions are available as is a version with a built in alarm which houses a drop down through wall manual override system.

Seceuroshield built-on security windows and door shutters can be fitted externally or internally to most buildings and provide an effective physical barrier as well as a deterrent to intruders and thieves.

Sectional Doors

Combine top quality and advanced technology with high insulation requirements, maximum vision and elegance can also be achieved with these sectional doors. These doors can be manually operated (via a pull down rope or geared hoist) or automatically by a range of motors and control systems.

Doors are made up of 40mm thick insulated panels which are formed from high density, fire resistant, CFC free urethane cores. Incorporating a unique finger safe profile, the panels provide a u-value of 0.60 w/mzk, which is higher than the requirements for current building regulations.

Retractable Security Grilles

Please find below a selection of the security grilles we at Farrell Fabrications have to offer, these grilles are of the highest quality and will offer protection to your premises and belongings.

CX1 Security Grille

CX1 is and affordable retractable security grille particularly suitable for domestic properties.

The grille provides a strong physical barrier for protection of windows and doors including patio doors and is an effective visual deterrent against attack.

CX2 Security Grill

The market leading CX2 is a certified retractable gate for protection of windows and doors in domestic and commercial properties.

Independently attack tested, by the LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) to the industry standard LPS 1175 Security Rating 1 and by Secured by Design as a ‘Police Preferred Specification, CX2 is the first choice when an insurance rated grille is required.

Characterised by its attractive curved lattice, CX2 provides peace of mind at home or work, fitting CX2 security grille may also reduce insurance premiums.

CX3 Security Grill

The ultimate grille for strength and flexibility of installation, the CX3 security grille is a retractable security grille particularly suitable for the security of windows and doors in commercial premises and those properties classed as high risk environments.

Steel Doors

Below you will find a list of the steel doors we are able to fit and maintain.

Personnel Doors

M2M+ is a general purpose personnel door available as a single, leaf and half and double doorset with a very large selection of options and extras so each door can be tailor-made to customer requirements. This range offers unbeatable value and choice and is quick and easy to install.

Fire Exit Doors

M2M+ offers a versatile door available as single, leaf and half or double door with a choice of panic escape hardware as standard.

Fire Rated Doors

The Fast Track 4 Fire Door Range has been developed to provide a certified range of fire rated personnel and fire exit security doors.

The range has been independently tests by Chiltern International Fire to BS476:Part 22 1987 for a minimum of 4 hours fire resistance, after this time the security door remained fire resistant until the test was terminated.

Very High Security Doors

M2M3 the latest door range from Bradbury Security is a revolutionary new design high security door offering a lightweight construction and unrivalled range of options for both single and double doorsets.

Unique design features including internal reinforcements provide effective security against deliberate forced entry without the need for the size typical of other doors in this class. The slimline profile also gives the M2M3 a superior appearance and easier fitting.

The range provides high level security for all personnel, fire exit and substation door applications and is made to order with 10 days of order confirmation. M2M3 has successfully undergone lpcp testing for security level 3.

Communal Entrance Doors

Combining an attractive yet secure main entrance to any building, Bradbury Communal Entrance Doors are able to withstand heavy use and vandalism.

The range is suitable for all public buildings including the front and rear doors on communal accommodation, schools and offices. The range is a Secured by Design Police Preferred Specification and Certified to PAS 23/24.